Welcome to the best little community
on the internet.

RaveGN is a small PC gaming community. Our main server is Ravecraft, a vanilla/econ survival Minecraft server. We love anime, EDM music, other forms of gaming, and everything inbetween. We're also very LGBTQIA+ friendly. Come join us and have some fun!

Our Projects


Our survival Minecraft server we started way back in August 2011. Keeping to our roots, good old survival multiplayer, with a few plugins for banking and fun. We run events on here every once in a while, such as our Olympics.

Game Night

We do a game night around once a month, where we vote on which game to play. Past offerings have included Cards Against Humanity, and Old School Runescape.


A monthly podcast about what's going on in the RaveGN universe, all set to some smooth vapor jams. Find us on here, or on podcast aggregators such as Google Play & iTunes.

Movie Night

Two Fridays a month, we host a group movie night. Suggest your favorite movie, and we all vote for two movies per night. Sit back, laugh, and have a blast.